MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Inverter for fans, pumps, and air conditioning with the FR-F series

In addition to various energy saving functions, there are also functions ideal for fans and pumps. The inverter provides a solution for your further energy saving needs.

Economical, intelligent, versatile

Frequency Inverters – FR‑F800

Designed for unparalleled energy saving, optimised speed control, simple start-up, and versatility, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new generation of drive technology: the remarkable FR‑F800.

The FR‑F800 is mainly designed to be used with pumps, fans and compressors and HVAC applications. It features many innovative functions that allow for the best compromise between efficiency and accurate control.

Range of FR‑F800 products

3 x 200-240V 0.75 > 110kW

3 x 380-500V 0.75 > 630kW

Powerful features and intelligent functions

Advanced PID controller

At the heart of the FR‑F800 drive is an enhanced PID controller. This means that fan, pump and compressor control is easily handled without the need for external controllers. Furthermore the built-in PLC means true stand-alone capability. Some of the new PID functions are:

  • One drive can control multiple pumps
  • Second PID controller
  • Direct access to PID setpoint via the display
  • Pump Stir function
  • PID output hold (incl. multi-pump)
  • PID upper/lower limit pre-warning
  • Pipe burst detection / Dry run protection
  • Digitally selectable PID setpoints
  • Pipe soft fill to prevent water hammer
  • Water hammer avoidance at stop
  • PID pre-charge function
  • Pre-sleep boost function
  • Automatic PID gain tuning
  • Etc…

Intelligent load detection

Through a unique algorithm we are able to accurately detect the fan or pump curve of the attached load and alarm when the load falls outside of adjustable limits. This means that we can detect for example, jammed pumps, dirty impellers or broken belts. Because we utilise this method of detection, nuisance trips that are associated with other systems are avoided.

Pump clean function (de-ragging)

In the case of pumps, cleaning cycles can be carried out automatically or with user intervention.

Motor preheat function

The motor preheat function can be used to avoid moisture collecting on the motor windings in periods of inactivity and prior to motor start up. This can also be used to reduce condensation, or freezing of a pump station.

Mechanical resonance suppression

Vibration due to natural resonance can be compensated by this function, extending mechanical life of the system.

Fire override mode

In cases of emergencies such as fires, continuing to drive the extraction or pressurisation fan motor is often the highest priority. This function can be used to allow the drive to continue to operate the motor until destruction, ignoring protective functions even if the inverter detects a fault.

Intelligent energy optimisation

  • All Mitsubishi Electric drives allow the user to save energy, however the FR‑F800 has many dedicated functions that allow for even more efficiency. For example, we have developed a tuning algorithm called AOEC, Advanced Optimum Excitation Control. This feature means that energy saving can be maximised even for loads that require high torque for acceleration or deceleration.
  • For example, the drive is able to control the external cooling fans through the built in environmental temperature detection, maximising system efficiency. This also reduces the ingress of external air which may be polluted.
  • Similar to the start/stop function used in modern cars, the FR‑F800 series drives feature the ability that all unnecessary circuits are shut down during standby to reduce energy usage, so only 24 VDC is supplied to keep control alive. Restart happens within 1 second, meaning there is no effect on system availability.
  • The effect of energy saving can be distributed by network or display.

Autotuning of an IM/PM motor

At Mitsubishi Electric we believe the customer should be free to select the most suitable motor for the application. Due to this request, we have implemented simple autotuning with best performance in the new FR‑F800, allowing connection of IM or PM motors. Based on this, customers are able to plug and play, and reach high system reliability and efficiency.

Built in safety function STO

The FR‑F800 series has a two-channel emergency stop for safe shutdown. This ensures safe operation in compliance with the European Machinery Directive. The FR‑F800 thus conforms to the EN ISO13849-1/PLd cat. 3, EN 61508 and EN 61800-5-2 SIL2 standards.

Protection of your know-how

The password functionality of the FR‑F800 allows you to restrict access via the parameter unit, network, and the PLC function.

Easy to start up

By using a USB stick or FR-Configurator2 software package, customers can comfortably down/upload parameters. Or use the integrated application wizard. The integrated oscilloscope / trace functions are perfect tools to assist with fault finding and commissioning. An additional feature is the integrated free PLC programming software based on GXWorks2, so programming can be done by just one connection.

Built in PLC function

Built-in 6K step PLC function allows the drive to be customized to individual requirements and can avoid the need to have a separate master. The PLC function can be expanded by I/O option cards. The PLC can also manage non-drive related functions, e.g. management of warning lights, valves, heaters etc.

Intelligent predictive maintenance

Mitsubishi Electric has included the following functions to ensure the long life and maximum availability of the drive.

  • 3-wire fan – if the cooling fan speed falls below 50% the drive gives a pre-alarm. This will enable the service engineer to easily inspect/change the top mounted fans.
  • Inrush circuit counter – We measure the number of times that the drive has been mains power cycled. Constant power cycling can shorten the life expectancy of a VFD.
  • Capacitor dielectric strength measurement is available to help you to plan exchange before performance of the system is reduced.

Easy system fault diagnosis

The built-in graphical trace function allows you to select 8 out of 72 channels, to easily find what happened before and after an alarm. Data can be automatically stored on a commercial USB stick, e.g. for mailing the data to technical support for further investigation.

User Interface


The drive is supplied with an easy to read 12-segment LED display, including comfortable setup by M-Dial, and parameter copy function (3-parameter set). This can be easily removed from the drive and used for panel mounting.


Alternatively, an FR-LU08 full text 6-line LCD display, with easy start up wizard function and real time clock, can be mounted. Another feature of this display is allowing the user to generate free text messages, in order to save the money for an HMI. This is especially powerful when used with the built in PLC function.

Plug and play HMI connection

The GOT2000 series is automatically detected after connection and can be used e.g. for convenient remote control of the drive via VPN. Many pre-configured screens are already available to make setup very easy. Another advantage is that many drives can connect to one HMI via network.

Additional options

Network connectivity

  • CC-Link IE Field interface (FR-A8NCE)
  • CC-Link interface (FR-A8NC)
  • Profibus DPV1 with Dsub interface (A8NDPV1)
  • Profibus DP PPO legacy card (FR-A8NP)
  • Profinet 2-port interface for FR-A/F800 with Drive Profile (A8NPRT_2P)
  • EtherCat (A8NECT_2P)
  • Ethernet-IP 2-port interface (A8NEIP_2P)
  • DeviceNet™ interface (FR-A8ND)
  • Can Open (FR-A8NCA)
  • RS485 communication (Mitsubishi Electric drive protocol, Modbus-RTU protocol, BacNet) is supported as standard.

I/O options

  • 16-bit digital input; BCD/binary code; 24V DC; 5mA for FR‑F/A800 (FR-A8AX)
  • Digital/analogue output; Output load: 24V DC; 0.1A for FR‑F/A800 (FR-A8AY)
  • Relay output; 3 additional output relays for FR-A/F800 (FR-A8AR)
  • Analogue input/output, thermistor interface (FR-A8AZ)
  • Adapter for control terminal of A/F700 to A/F800 (FR-A8TAT)

External options

  • Input reactors
  • DC link chokes
  • Output reactors
  • Sinus filters
  • EMC filters
  • Harmonic filters
  • Regeneration units
  • Braking modules
  • Floor standing units - IP20

User benefits

Built for long life

    The cooling fans, IGBTs and built-in capacitors have an estimated lifespan of 10 years. By using the ON/OFF control function, the service life of the fans can be even further extended.
    Mitsubishi Electric achieves this long life time, because we control the entire design /production/ and sales process within our own organisation, to keep our quality under control.

3-year warranty

    Our quality is at the highest level amongst drive manufacturers. It is something we pride ourselves on at Mitsubishi Electric. To give the user the peace of mind and to show our commitment to end user satisfaction, the FR‑F800 is offered with a free of charge 3 year warranty.

Easy retrofit of former generations

Due to the high backwards compatibility rules of Mitsubishi Electric Inverter, the FR‑F800 can be used directly as a replacement of FR‑F500 and FR‑F700, because dimensions and mounting points are the same.

Also the parameter structure is kept, and can be directly copied from FR‑F700 drive to FR‑F800 by using FR‑Configurator software.

Even if you want to re-use the original terminal block of the FR‑F700 series in order to avoid the risk of a signal wire change, you must use a terminal block adapter due to integrated safety.

Environmental safety and electrical conformance

  • EN ISO13849-1:2015 PLe, Cat3 (from July 2018 production)
  • IEC62061:2005 / IEC61800-5-2:2007 / IEC61508 SIL2
  • IEC60204-1:2010 / IEC61800-5-2:2007 Stop category 0
  • EN 50178 Electrical safety
  • EN 61800-5-1:2007 Power drive systems
  • EN 61800-3:2004 +A1:2012 Class C3 2nd environment
  • EN50598-2 Class IE2, European Eco Design standard, 98% efficiency
  • EN50598-2 Class IES2, the combined efficiency of VFD and IE3/IE4 motor
  • IEC60721-3-3 Class 3C2/3S2 Environmental protection
  • EN 61000-3-12 with DC choke
  • NEMA 1 / UL-1 rated
  • UL, cUL
  • cTick
  • EAC mark
  • CCC certification compliance
  • Profibus / Profinet , certified by PNO
  • EtherNet IP / certified by ODVA
  • EtherCat Network / EtherCat Technology Group
  • CC-Link and CC-Link IE Field / certified by CLPA
  • SEMI F47 Specification for semiconductor processing equipment voltage sag immunity
  • Manufacturer of the VSD, Nagoya Works, is a certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 facility


The FR-F800-E offers 100Mbit Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity as standard. In addition to existing network options, the FR-F800-E also provides increased capabilities regarding remote system monitoring and parameter adjustment, as well as easy integration into existing network environments.


The FR-F846-E2 is the IP55 stand-alone version of the proven FR-F800 series.