MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Effective as an actuator during unwinding/winding of long materials

Controls tension for winding and unwinding long materials such as paper, film, thread, electric wire, various sheets, and tape. Supports high speed and high functionality of production lines.

Powder clutch/brake

The powder clutches and brakes of Mitsubishi Electric, which use magnetic iron powder for transmitting torque, offer advantages such as a smooth fluid clutch and high efficiency upon coupling of the friction plate clutches.

These products are indispensable for tension control as actuators for winding and unwinding long materials such as paper, thread, electric wire and various sheets. They are also suitable for buffer startup, power absorption, and overload safety devices (torque limiter).

Easy control

Transmission torque changes continuously in response to changes in the exciting current, and so can be easily controlled over a wide range.

Continuous slip operation

The powder enables continuous slip on the working surface as well as stable transmission torque regardless of the slip rotation speed.

Stable torque

Due to the shape of the operating surface and powder leakage prevention structure, the distribution of powder can be kept uniform and stable torque can
be reproduced even if the current is repeatedly turned on and off.

High heat capacity

The products using powder have excellent heat resistance and an ideal cooling structure, and so can be used even in harsh continuous slip operation.

Smooth connection and drive

With almost equal coefficients of static and dynamic friction, load-based acceleration/deceleration can be obtained without shock at the time of complete

Mitsubishi Electric is a pioneer of powder clutches with its extensive know-how, track record and achievements.
Supporting high-speed and high-performance production lines of winding/unwinding of long materials