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Training | SCHOOL

Mitsubishi Electric strongly believes that training is the best way to spread out automation culture and meet market needs. 

This is why we created the AcadeMy Programme, a system of training courses aimed at high school or university students. Technical institutes and universities find in the project the opportunity to bring students closer to the world of work, training them in what will be the technologies they will be working with once they finish their studies. For several years now, Mitsubishi Electric has been supporting the ITS institutes in Italy with two-year post-diploma training courses in Mechatronics and Automation.

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MentorME | A new digital teaching experience

Mitsubishi Electric's training proposal for schools also includes MentorME, the innovative free platform to support teaching in the technical field, available online. MentorME is an advanced virtual laboratory that connects schools and businesses, allowing teachers to keep up to date with the most innovative technologies currently used in the business world and encouraging young people to acquire fundamental skills for the workplace.

MentorME was created with the intention of providing students at technical institutes with tools and experiential e-learning teaching plans to train and orient themselves in the Industrial Automation, Mechatronics and Climate Control sectors, for a new learning experience.

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