Applying advanced technology to make changes for the better — all around the world.

Our corporate statement, "Changes for the Better", encapsulates all that we stand for and aspire to - a brighter future for society, industry and everyday life through innovation. For 90 years, we have helped create a brighter tomorrow globally through our leading-edge technologies.

Mitsubishi Electric in Italy

The Italian Branch, which has been working since 1985 and relies on the effort of more than 300 employees, is divided into five business divisions: Air Conditioning, Factory Automation, Automotive, Semiconductors and Transportation.
In addition, technical service for numerical control systems is directly managed. The Italian Branch is also responsible for marketing of some product lines in several Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern and African countries. It has its headquarters in Agrate Brianza and premises in Padua, Rome, Rosà and Turin.

Mitsubishi Electric Global

The Mitsubishi Electric Group aims to make lasting social contributions as a global, leading green company. To this end, we apply state-of-the-art technologies and our expertise in a wide range of business segments as we pursue initiatives for creating a vibrant and affluent society.