TOKYO, February 27, 2018 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it has delivered 69 elevators and 64 escalators, including 2 spiral escalators—133 units in total—for the fourth phase of expansion at The Avenues, one of Kuwait's largest shopping mall with more than 800 stores.

The Avenues / Spiral escalators in "Prestige" luxury shopping district

The pair of unique spiral escalators, created with proprietary escalator technologies from Mitsubishi Electric that no other company has been able to duplicate, lend an atmosphere of architectural elegance and sophistication to the large atrium of the mall's "Prestige" luxury-shopping district. The elevators carry between 14 and 27 passengers each and have a rated speed of 60 meters per minutes.

The Avenues Phase IV Expansion

Location Al-Rai- 5th Ring Road- Between Ghazali Street & Mohammed Bin Alqasem Street, Kuwait
Operator Mabanee Company S.A.K.
Soft Opening February 2018
Main use Shopping facilities

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