MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

IT infrastructure and management systems that can utilise Mitsubishi Electric's shop-floor to enterprise connectivity solutions

Manufacturing IT Expertise

Information Management for Automation – Discovering new productivity

Mitsubishi Electric’s MES Interface IT is a proven solution for getting data out of shop floor systems and providing it to enterprise IT systems.

By creating the e-F@ctory Alliance, Mitsubishi Electric has actively sought out partners to extend the capability of our own solutions by combining them with complementary best in class solutions of their own.

Atos Origin joins the e-F@ctory Alliance as a partner who takes over from where the MES Interface IT leaves off. Mitsubishi Electric provides the data to the enterprise, and Atos Origin provides solutions for taking this data and making it available across the enterprise in the form of transparent, actionable information.

Atos Origin and SAP®

Atos Origin is one of the world’s leading IT services company. It has over 5000 SAP® consultants worldwide who have completed more than 1500 projects. To help support manufacturing industry, Atos Origin has established several Centers of Excellence which offer preconfigured solutions and best practices for target industries such as automotive, chemicals, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and consumer packaged goods.

True integration

Atos Origin offers the SAP® Maximize Manufacturing Together (MMT) Perfect Plant initiative to provide a comprehensive solution to the challenges facing manufacturing companies. Some key benefits of the MMT approach are: reduced manufacturing costs and waste, improved efficiency, production scheduling and plant utilization and a higher return on capital employed.

Atos Origin