MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

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Complete Solutions: MES & APS

One system for all needs – An integrated approach

Transparency is a key concern for all manufacturing businesses today. With increasingly severe constraints being imposed by governments, standards organizations, customers and shareholders, it is vital for company management to always know what is going on in its own operations.

MPDV’s concept of MES HYDRA and APS FEDRA brings all critical functions of a manufacturing enterprise together into a single platform-based system in order to provide complete transparency across all operations. 

MPDV has joined the e-F@ctory Alliance to further support the goal of extending Mitsubishi Electric’s own solutions by combining them with complementary best in class solutions from third parties. MPDV’s solutions are the enterprise IT complement to Mitsubishi Electric’s MES Interface IT. This module for the iQ Platform provides a simple and quickly deployed information channel directly from the shop floor to IT systems such as MES HYDRA and APS FEDRA.

Transparent production

For the collection and management of production data from the shop floor, MES HYDRA provides a comprehensive solution. The raw data is provided by the MES Interface IT, and then processed to provide extensive visibility of a wide range of critical production information.

Stay out of trouble

Of course, it’s not enough to know there is a problem. Ideally, the MES system should be able to predict it, so corrective action can occur before scrap is produced. HYDRA’s process data collection module provides this ability.

High level functions

As well as being focused on shop floor operations, MES HYDRA and APS FEDRA also offer a wealth of enterprise management capabilities, covering material and production logistics, production scheduling and more.

MPDV offers full support for SAP® installations, with certified connectivity to a range of SAP® modules. Hence current SAP® users can specify solution based on MES HYDRA and APS FEDRA with confidence.