MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Easy and Simple programming of Automation applications within plant floor controllers

For some applications it is much easier to solve complex automation program code using a higher level computer language than writing PLC code. This could be applications where the data processing part is much bigger than the control program part.

A better solution

Based on the C Controller, the industry proven hardware from the Mitsubishi Electric iQ Platform, e-F@ctory Alliance partner RT Leaders has created a software development kit, the C Automation SDK, which removes all the issues regarding special hardware, OS problems, compilers or communication drivers.

The C Controller has direct access to all Mitsubishi Electric automation components such as motion controllers, robot controllers, inverters etc. Whilst the PLC executes the program sequence, the C Controller calculates all necessary variables in Real Time.

C Automation SDK

The C Automation SDK is a script interpreter tool for the C Controller using the recognised and freely available Lua language to write automation programs. Lua is a fast language engine with a small footprint that you can embed easily into your application. It is distributed in a small package and builds out-of-the-box in all platforms that have a standard C compiler.

Up to 16 different, simultaneous running tasks can run on a single C Controller which can be controlled via external tools or by bits in the PLC. The Mitsubishi C Controller comes preinstalled with all ordered C Automation SDK modules and the dedicated licenses.

RT Leaders